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Drawing a parallel with the concept of imaginal hermeneutics by the philosopher Henry Corbin, which presupposes not “reality”, but “reality for me”, Os Ciclomáticos Companhia de Teatro premiered the show in a season from June 2nd to 24th at 8 pm at Espaço Cultural Sérgio Porto with his new show, “EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE, BUT IT'S A MERE COINCIDENCE”. The company's unpublished text addresses the virtual connection and its impact on society, presenting a supposedly happy family that is gradually falling apart, questioning through experiences with social networks, fake news and cyberbullying, among other digital aspects, how to live with the internet without it being the driving motto of life. With dramaturgy by Fabiola Rodrigues and Ribamar Ribeiro, who also signs the direction, the play meets the celebration of the company's 25th anniversary.

“We address the contradiction that is seeing characters connected all the time on social networks and with the media, but with interpersonal relationships falling apart. So, we talk about the existence of incommunicability and this excessive narcissistic narrative of the self, where we have to make sure everything is posted and visualized all the time. This is the reflection of the show, which puts the finger on the wound of the consequences that this excess of exposure and virtual judgment can bring in the short and long term. What world do we want? Of course we want to communicate, but are we not being swallowed by this technology and this false sensation of communication and globalization?”, provokes Ribamar, artistic director and founder of the company.

The choice of text seeks to provoke today's young people – but not just them – through contemporary theater, performance and interactivity. “Assembling this text brings the pulse of the company, which is to seek new research and artistic perspectives, new horizons. The text deals with this, with how we are impregnated by technology and how we can deal with it in a healthy way. Audiences can expect an amazing show. The company closed its Trilogy of the Feminine, the Trilogy of Brazilianness, and we are opening this new research that could become The Trilogy of Performative Technology. It is certainly a very different show in our trajectory, that is!”, promises the director.


Approaching the relationship between people and technologies, the montage questions the adequacy of coexistence between the two and their influence on interpersonal relationships. The plot highlights the virtual connection and its impact on society, presenting a supposedly happy family that is slowly falling apart, analyzing through experiences with social networks, fake news and cyberbullying, among other digital aspects, how to live with the internet without May it be the driving motto of life.


Carla Meirelles - Daughter

Fabiola Rodrigues - Media

Getulio Nascimento - Dog

Julio Cesar Ferreira - Father

Nívea Nascimento - Mother

Renato Neves - Son



Text:Fabiola Rodrigues and Ribamar Ribeiro

Direction:Ribamar Ribeiro

costumes:Julia Paula and Tiago Costa

Costume Search:Getulio Nascimento and Julia Paula

props:Cristiane Evangelista and Tiago Costa

Seamstresses:Ana Maria Alves, Iara Gonzaga and Izabel Maria Lima

Wig:Márcio Paulino and Tiago Costa

Scenography:Mattos sperm whale

Scenography Assistant (Creation):Julio Cesar Ferreira

Scenography Assistants (Execution):Bea Corado, Erika Monteiro, Macla Gouvea

Scenotechnicians:Moses Cupertino and Carlos Felipe

Sound Design and Sound Operation:Ribamar Ribeiro

Original music:Márcio Eduardo Mello

Choreography:Deyjeane Costa

Lighting:Mauro Carvalho and Victor Tavares

Lighting Technician:victor tavares

Light Operator:Mauro Carvalho and Victor Tavares

Makeup and Visagismo:Getulio Nascimento

Visual programming:Nívea Nascimento

Filmmaker and Photographer:Igor Mattos

Video Assistant:Kayo Monteiro

Video Operation:Igor Mattos

System Programming:Anna Beatriz da Costa Ribeiro

Social Media Management:Nívea Nascimento

Body Search:Ribamar Ribeiro

Vocal Preparation and Speech Therapist:Juliana Santos

Voiceover:Rodrigo de Oliveira

Administration:Jessica Pereira

Press office:Brown Icing Advice

Realization:Os Ciclomáticos Cia de Teatro




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Alvaro Tallarico

'It all makes sense, but it's mere coincidence' is a real and surreal portrait of the current world







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It all makes sense, but it's mere coincidence (2022)

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