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The text is a fable, combined with fairy tales about the almost impossible love between a cat and a thrush (enemies by nature), approaching in a light and fun way the difficulties encountered by the couple. The play was inspired by the dramaturgical work Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, and as a basis for research, the short stories by Hans Cristian Andersen and the Grim Brothers, in addition to the children's text by Jorge Amado O Gato Malhado e a Andorinha Sinhá. The book A Psicologia dos Contos de Fadas served as an interpretative basis, helping in the direction and scenic construction.


Between centuries-old trees and flowering meadows, animals with legs and animals with wings do not mix, until Sabiá Laranjeira Junior falls in love with Cat Malhada do Mato, creating divergence between the animals of the forest that do not approve of the romance.
To live this love, the lovers will have to face all the difficulties imposed by the two families.



Fabiola Rodrigues - Butterfly

Fernanda Dias - Witch Moth

Getulio Nascimento - Sabiá Laranjeira Jr.

Juliana Santos - Guinea Chicken

Julio Cesar Ferreira - Calango

Nívea Nascimento - Spotted Cat of the Bush

Renato Neves - Dom Arara

Ribamar Ribeiro - Gabiru



Text:Fabiola Rodrigues and Ribamar Ribeiro
Direction:Carla Meirelles
Direction Assistance:Renato Neves and Ribamar Ribeiro
Actor Preparation:Renato Neves
Costumes and Makeup: André Vital

Props:André Vital, Nívea Nascimento and Carla Meirelles
Scenarios:Mattos sperm whale
Lighting and Op. of Light:Mauro Carvalho
sound design:Carla Meirelles, Ribamar Ribeiro and Fernando Alves
Sound Operation:Carla Meirelles
Original music:Caique Botkay and Ricardo Silva
Body Preparation:Marcelo Tosta and Evelin Lima
Choreographies:Carla Meirelles and Marcio Vieira
Visual programming:Cachalote Mattos and Nivea Nascimento

Photography: Henrique Moreno, Cachalote Mattos and TV Brasil
Production:Ribamar Ribeiro

Realization:Os Ciclomáticos Cia de Teatro



Before the Rooster Crows (2006)

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