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The show received the 2011 Scenic Assembly Award from the State Government of Rio de Janeiro. Freely inspired by the homonymous book by Pernambuco sociologist and writer Gilberto Freyre, published in 1933, the show highlights the social issues related in the novel, which travels through the colonial period in Brazil, drawing a parallel between Portuguese colonization and the formation of an agrarian and slave-owning society with the formation of the Brazilian people, their mixture of races and cultures.


The Cyclomatics Co. de Teatro is inspired and transpires freely in the controversial work of Gilberto Freyre as text and pretext to tell, through songs and legends, a little of what the Brazilian people are today. Starting from indigenous peoples, blacks and Portuguese, passing through the song of the washerwomen, the sertanejos and the popular poetry of the plot sambas, the show brings, through an anachronistic and non-linear narrative, referenced by Teatro de Revista, a little of that Brazil that dwells in each of us. This Brazil, once a boy, now a teenager, sung by Os Ciclomáticos Cia de Teatro, with authorship and direction by Ribamar Ribeiro, is a little bit of all that, of this tasty mix, of these beautiful people. It is a bit of this story that continues to be written by each one of us. 


Fabiola Rodrigues
Fernanda Dias
Getulio Nascimento
Juliana Santos
Julio Cesar Ferreira
Nivea Nascimento
Renato Neves

Guest actors:

Aline Gomes
Marcio Vieira



Authorship and Direction: Ribamar Ribeiro

Directing Assistance and Directing Actors: Renato Neves
Vocal Trainer and Arranger: Getulio Nascimento
Choreographies and Movement Direction: Ribamar Ribeiro and Marcio Vieira
Music Search: Ribamar Ribeiro and Getulio Nascimento

Music Production and Arrangements: Márcio Eduardo Melo

Sound Op: Ribamar Ribeiro
Visagism and Costumes: André Vital
Scenography and Visual Programming: Cachalote Mattos
Lighting: Mauro Carvalho
light operator: Mauro Carvalho
Props: Carla Meirelles, Nivea Nascimento and Getulio Nascimento
Original music: Caique Botkay and Getulio Nascimento

Photography: Alziro Xavier
Press office: Claudia Bueno
Executive production: Ribamar Ribeiro
Production Assistance: Julio Cesar Ferreira
Realization: Os Ciclomáticos Theater Company



Casa Grande and Senzala -
Brazilian Musical Manifesto (2013)

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