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The production of the show “Ariano - O Cavaleiro Sertanejo” took place in   commemoration of the 22nd anniversary of the company Os Ciclomáticos and nothing could be more fair to pay homage to Northeastern popular culture through the iconic figure of Ariano Suassuna. The show premiered on June 15 at SESC Tijuca – Ariano Suassuna's birthday. The show is a journey through popular experiences: the songbook, the sertanejo, the repente, the forró, the  armorial movement, the mamulengo and all this range of possibilities existing in the northeastern universe. Written and directed by Ribamar Ribeiro, the new show by Os Ciclomáticos Companhia de Teatro, which completes 22 years of career in 2018, honors the great author Ariano Suassuna. 


Six Knights in search of the legendary author Ariano Suassuna invade the northeastern city of Armorial with music and poetry. They tell and sing about the legend of the northeastern knight, the one who was born, loved, lived and fought using the most powerful weapons: pen and ink. The errant knight, of mysteries and myths, left his legacy and perpetuated his stories and was entitled: Ariano – O Cavaleiro Sertanejo.


Carla Meirelles - Knight/Mother/Boss/Our Lady/Ariano

Getulio Nascimento - Knight/Violer/Aryan/

Julio Cesar Ferreira - Knight/Jagunço/Devil/Ariano

Nívea Nascimento - Cavaleiro/Jagunço/Anjo/Zélia/Ariano

Renato Neves - Knight/Boss/Angel/Aryan

Fabíola Rodrigues - Knight/Woman/Angel/Girl Caetana/Aryan



Text and Direction:Ribamar Ribeiro

costumes:André Vital, Nívea Nascimento and Roberto de Biase

Songs:Getulio Nascimento

Letters:Fabiola Rodrigues and Getulio Nascimento

Vocal Preparation:Juliana Santos

Preparation for Singing:Getulio Nascimento

Scenography: Cachalote Mattos and Getulio Nascimento

Painting:Mauro Soh

Props:André Vital, Mauro Soh, Nívea Nascimento and Carla Meirelles

Lighting / Light Op:Mauro Carvalho

sound design:Getulio Nascimento and Ribamar Ribeiro

Op. of sound:Ribamar Ribeiro

Visual programming:Nívea Nascimento

Press office:Claudia Bueno

Photography:Zayra Lisboa

Realization:Os Ciclomáticos Cia de Teatro



Ariano - The Sertanejo Knight (2018)

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