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“About lies and secrets” is a comedy freely inspired by the universe of playwright Nelson Rodrigues. From the text to the lighting, to the costumes and makeup, strength emerges in this montage that has already won awards at several festivals. It is a dynamic, agile show with a funny, grotesque and very intelligent humor. 


A comedy based on a study of Nelson Rodrigues' universe where all the secrets and lies arise from Alice's pregnancy.
At the age of fourteen, Alice goes to the gynecologist at the behest of her father, Dr. Ismael. We then know the truth: Alice is going to be a mother!
Chaos ensues in the family. The mother, sisters, sons-in-law and neighbors are shocked! But Doctor Ismael is convinced that one of the culprits lives at home and must be one of the sons-in-law. All the secrets and lies arise from Alice's pregnancy. And the neighbors? They know everything! The perfect family: Does it exist?



Renato Neves - Ismael
Juliana Santos - Miriam
Fabiola Rodrigues - Alice
Carla Meirelles - Regina and Neighbor
Fernanda Dias - Aldacy and Neighbor
Getulio Nascimento - Francisco and Neighbor
Julio César Ferreira - Álvaro and Neighbor
Mauro Carvalho - Neighbor
Nívea Nascimento - Marly and Neighbor

Guest Actors:

Gisele Flor - Celeste and Neighbor

Malu Saldanha - Neuza and Neighbor

Marcos Pinheiro - Dr Belmiro and Neighbor

Márcio Vieira - Genilson and Neighbor



Text and Direction: Ribamar Ribeiro
Direction Assistance: Renato Neves
Artistic Advice: Caíque Botkay
Costumes and Makeup: André Vital
Scenario: Cachalote Mattos
sound design: Ribamar Ribeiro
Lighting: Mauro Carvalho
Light Operation: Mauro Carvalho
Sound Operation: Ribamar Ribeiro
Recording, Mixing and Voiceover: Rodrigo Oliveira
Seamstresses: Aldacy Souza e Silva and Claudinéia Almeida
props: Andre Vital, Bruna Lopes, Getulio Nascimento, Nívea Nascimento and Carla Meirelles
Photography: Henrique Moreno and Layza Vasconcelos
Visual programming: Cachalote Mattos

Realization and Production: Os Ciclomáticos Theater Company



About Lies and Secrets (2006)

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