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Music Theory and Perception



What is it?


The Musical Theory and Perception course is organized in such a way that the student expands his practical knowledge of instrument/singing classes, where he will understand important musical concepts such as: knowing how to identify notes in the score, knowing scales and musical intervals , learn about chord formation and the harmonic field.

Also in this course, the student develops his/her rhythmic, melodic and harmonic perception through solfeggios and dictations, always contextualized with the contents seen in class.

Performed in different modules and levels. Beginner, medium and advanced level classes in addition to individual classes.



Marcio Eduardo Melo is a keyboardist and music producer located in Rio de Janeiro. He is widely known for his fabulous artistic sensibility and for recreating the emotional experience of a lifetime in each performance. His musical trajectory began in his teens when he became interested in the piano at church and received consistent musical education at FAETEC, Villa-Lobos Institute, CIGAM and Estácio de Sá University schools.  

As a keyboard player, he started playing at the age of 18 in popular music bands in Rio nights and in large concert halls. He worked in the Caldeirão do Huck band, and there he had the opportunity to accompany great names in Brazilian and international music such as Daniela Mercury and Alejandro Sanz. Later he embarked on MPB, where he played in nightclubs and restaurants. He participated in the NossoSim movement, where he met and played with MPB artists and musicians.
In theater, he participated as a keyboardist in the Teatro Workshop directed by Ernesto Piccolo and Rogério Blat, where he met director Marcio Vieira, who called him to compose tracks for plays such as “The Boy Who Doesn't Know How to Rir (2008)”, “When the machines param” (2010), “The Last Chapter” (2018). Parallel to his growth as a soundtrack composer, he started to work as musical director in important shows such as “Favela 1 and 2 and “Casa Grande e Senzala - Manifesto Musical Brasileiro, directed by Ribamar Ribeiro.

Also as a composer, he produced the tracks for the short films “Soro Positivo”, by Ed Lopes, “Um Leão por Dia”, by Ruy Albernaz and “Qual é”, produced by students of the Educação do Olhar course, awarded as best film by the popular jury. from animarte 2006.

Office information:

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6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

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Continuing Activity

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150.00 Monthly

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Form of payment:

Cash (cash, debit card)

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Space for the Arts - Os Ciclomáticos

Rua de Santana, 119, Stores A, B, C and D – Center (in front of the Church of Santana)

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(21) 2509-5537 / (21) 98039-5518

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