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Theater course

What is it?


Practical and theoretical acting classes for beginner actors and non-actors through lectures, theatrical games and Theater History. The workshop consists of improvisations, scene construction and open presentation. Minimum age 14 years. Certification at the end of the course.



Officer's CV:


Ribamar Ribeiro is an actor, director, playwright, producer, teacher and sound designer. He holds a degree in Visual Arts and a Master's in Arts at UERJ. He has written and directed more than 50 theatrical shows.

He is Artistic Director and one of the founders of Os Ciclomáticos Companhia de Teatro and CTI - Comunidade Teatral Independente. As an actor, he has worked with André Paes Leme, Marília Martins, José da Costa and Nanci de Freitas and Antônio Abujamra. It has more than 40 awards throughout Brazil. Professor at FUNARTE, SENAC Rio and SESC Rio. Gave workshops and lectures at Universities: UNIRIO, UFBA, Rural University and Estácio de Sá; and also in International Festivals: Lima - Peru, France and Germany. In 2006 he directed the musical about samba: "É Isso Isso, Irajá!", by Nei Lopes. In 2013, he writes and directs "Casa Grande e Senzala - Manifesto Musical Brasileiro", winner of the Scenic Montage Award from the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro. In 2015 he receives the International Prize of the International Latin American Theater Festival in Lima, Peru as director and playwright for language research. He also participates in the Santiago a mil festival in the Brazilian delegation of the Ministry of Culture in Chile. In 2018 he was a juror of the Dramaturgy Contest for Children and Youth - FUNARTE - 2018. In 2020 he participates in the Laboratory of Scenic Direction of the X FESTEPE - Festival Internacional de Teatro y Performance in Chancay - Lima - Peru.

As a playwright, he was selected for publications with his texts: "Scenes of Confinement", "Creative Writing - UERJ" and "Festival of One Minute Pieces" by Os Parlapatões. His performance "Arquivo Vivo" was presented at UERJ, UFRJ / EBA and at PUC Rio.

Office information:

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7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

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7 months

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150.00 Monthly

(Paying by the 1st of each month

comes out at 130.00 reais)

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Form of payment:

Cash (cash, bank deposit, debit or credit card)

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Os Ciclomáticos - Espaço das Artes

Rua de Santana, 119, Stores A, B, C and D – Center (in front of the Church of Santana)

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(21) 2509-5537 / (21) 98039-5518

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