Visagist and Costume Designer

Andre Vital holds a degree in fashion design from Veiga de Almeida College, a professor in the area of ​​drawing and beauty at Senac Rio from 1995 until 2005. He has worked with image design and visagism for the Rio Carnival since 99. Visagist and costume designer of Os Ciclomaticos Cia de Teatro since its foundation, Visagist of the show "Mania of Explanation" by Gabriel Vilela where he was nominated visagism at the CBTIJ 2014 Award, costume designer and visagist of the "Craving of Me" dance show of Focus Cia de Dance and costume designer and visagist of the show "O matador de Santas" by Loucatores group, visagism of the front commission of the Samba School Unidos da Tijuca 2015. Winner of 42 theater awards in the area of ​​costume and visagism.


Christiano Cesar Mattos Dias (Artist name Cachalote Mattos), Scenographer graduated from UFRJ- Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Master in Performing Arts from UNIRIO Federal University of Rio de Janeiro state, with extensive experience in set design for theater, cinema, music show , corporate events, exhibition, music clips. In the theater worked with the directors Augusto Boal, Antonio Pedro, Luiz Antonio Pillar, Sergio Sanches, Eduardo Gama and Ribamar Ribeiro among others in various theatrical performances. Made scenarios for show and clip, from Rapa, Black City and Martinho da Vila. Film Commercial for Conspiracy Movies, Fuzo Movies and Natasha Movies. Exhibition and Events for companies such as Jeep, Firjan, Petrobrás.

Actress and Director

Actress graduated from Senac RJ, Carla Meirelles has a degree in Social Work and a postgraduate degree and HR Management also acts as manager of social responsibility projects at Senac. Studied and worked with renowned artists from various areas such as Augusto Boal, Antonio Pedro, Celina Conde, Joãozinho 30, Marília Martins, Suzana Kruger, Moacir Góes and Ana Kfouri. She is one of the founders of “Os Ciclomaticos Cia de Teatro” performing various functions as: costume designer, sound designer and producer. Her newest role is director of the show "Before the Rooster Sings" participating in various festivals in Brazil and abroad and being awarded several times. He was part of the Executive Board of the Federation of Associative Theater of the State of Rio de Janeiro (FETAERJ). She currently works as an artistic director and choreographer at the Grêmio Recreativo Samba Grande Rio School where she held the same role in the Mangueira, Portela and Rocinha associations.

Actress, Director and Playwright

Director graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, postgraduate in Institutional Psychopedagogy at AVM-Cândido Mendes, studied interpretation and body language at the Experimental Artistic Center - SESC RIO under the coordination of Ana Kfouri. Member of the Company since 2003, as an actress and director, she joined the role of playwright in 2006 in the children's show “Before the Rooster Cante” written together with Ribamar Ribeiro. Coordinator and instructor of social projects at SENAC RIO, she has been working with social development and inclusion since 1998 and has been collaborating with APAE, SEFRAS and CIEDS. Awarded as an actress, director and playwright in nationally recognized festivals, she participates in several shows performed by the company, including her most recent work as an actress, the musical “Casa Grande e Senzala - Brazilian Musical Manifesto”. Currently as an art educator she researches and develops projects around the universe of stories.

Actress and Body Trainer

Fernanda Dias is a Social Worker, an Actress formed by SENAC RIO and SESC RIO Experimental Artistic Study Center, Ana Kfouri Coordination. Body Preparation Specialist for the Performing Arts, graduated from Angel Vianna RJ College of Dance, also serves as a dancer and researcher of black dances, having a degree in Afro-Brazilian Dances and Contemporary African Dances from Senegal graduated from Ecole Des Sables in Senegal, Africa 2015. One of the founders of The CIA's Cyclomatics Theater with the group, performed with theatrical performances in several states of Brazil, also Europe and Latin America. Since 2009 she is a collaborator of the Theater Center of the Oppressed, CTO, created by Augusto Boal, where she acts as an Actress, choreographer and body preparer of the Cor do Brasil and Coletivo Madalenas Anastácia groups. With these two groups, participated in 2010 the World Festival of Black Arts in Senegal and 2011, FESTILIP Festival of the Portuguese Language in 2013. In 2015, participated in the 1st International Madalenas Festival held in Patagonia, Argentina. Develops a research called Laboratory Roots of Movement where researches the dances of African matrices, as a proposal for body preparation for the performing arts. The laboratory has already been held in France, Croatia, Rio de Janeiro and Nicaragua.

Actor, Vocal Preparer and Makeup Artist

Getulio Nascimento is an actor and singer, graduated in Visual Arts, is a member of Os Ciclomaticos Theater Company and a member of CTI - Independent Theater Community. In addition to acting, he also works as a singer, vocal trainer, performing arts teacher and makeup artist. Participated in several shows as an actor, among them: “Casa Grande and Senzala - Brazilian Musical Manifesto”, “Save Her - Carolina Maria de Jesus in Scene”, “GENET - The Angels Must Die”, “About Lies and Secrets”, “ Before the Rooster Crows ”,“ The Damn ”,“ The Novice ”, among other works. As a Singer, he recorded the soundtrack for the show “The Boy Who Can't Laugh” with the Escaramucha Theater Company and tracks for The Cyclomatic Theater Company. As a vocal preparer she worked on the show “Casa Grande e Senzala - Brazilian Musical Manifesto” with Os Ciclomaticos Theater Company, CTI - Independent Theater Community and for the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Education Secretariat. He studied at the Martins Pena State Technical School and SENAC Rio. He was a theater teacher at AVICRES - Life in Growth in Solidarity Association, at Engenho de Dentro, Madureira and Niterói SESCs, and at Espaço Cultural Brasil working with underprivileged children and adolescents. . He has 5 awards and 4 nominations as an Actor, including the Paschoalino Award given by FETAERJ - Federation of Associative Theater of the State of Rio de Janeiro and FENATA. It also has 2 awards and 2 Best Makeup nominations at theater festivals.

Actress and Vocal Trainer

Formed as an actress by Martins Penna Theater School since 2001. Member of Os Ciclomaticos Theater Company, a 19-year-old company with national and international recognition, where she acts as an actress and vocal preparer. Presented by all regions of Brazil and abroad. Has awards as an actress nationwide. He has worked with several directors, including Amir Haddad, Ribamar Ribeiro, Rose Abdalla and Elza de Andrade. Acted in audience formation projects taking the culture throughout the state. As an educator, she worked closely with CRAS –RJ and SENAC –RJ on social projects. As a vocal preparer she was a teacher of vocal techniques at SENAC Galpão de Arte e Cidadania and at Estácio de Sá College. In addition to being a vocal preparer for the shows Doroteia and Family Album with cia Guerreiro and several shows with Os Ciclomáticos Theater Company also acts in the project “Os Ciclomaticos DNA”.

Actor and Director

He is an actor and theater director. As an actor he has experience in web cinema and theater. He develops his work at Cia having already participated in several montages of national success with "About lies and secrets", "Genet - The angels must die" and "Casa grande e senzala - Brazilian musical manifesto" among others. As an actor he has received several national awards, having performed in various regions of Brazil and abroad (Peru, France, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium). As an actor and director, he has researched "physical theater" and has worked in several theater companies including "the Hippocrites" and "Grutta Theater" where he directed Nelson Rodrigues's "Wedding Dress". Currently on the web is in the cast of Flavio Langoni's “Nomade 7” series and Cesar Charlone's “3%” both of which are scheduled to air to Netflix in 2016. In the movies is in the cast of Everton Frank's “The Left Side of the Poet”.

Actor and Illuminator

Mauro Carvalho is an actor, director and illuminator with a background in actor and lighting. Twenty national awards in lighting. Member of The Cyclomatics Theater Company as an actor and light designer. Teacher at Senac Rio in Arts, Fashion and Sustainability since 1991. He also develops light projects for several theater companies.

Actress and Costume Designer

Graduated in Fashion Production Technician and member of Os Ciclomaticos Cia de Teatro since 2006, she works as treasurer, costume designer and actress. At the Company, she has won several national and international awards such as Peru, Germany and France. Also integrates as costume designer and actress the CTI - Independent Theater Community, which consists of a cultural movement of the north of Rio de Janeiro, with this, also accumulating several other awards. As a costume designer, besides being a workshop designer, she brings the signature of the show "Avesso" with CTI, her most recent work; also signs the costumes of the shows: "The Novice" and "Blind" (both award winners), as well as "What I did to deserve this" and "Kiss on the Asphalt" also with CTI, "The Farce of Power" "from Central Company 111, among others. As an actress, she has staged more than 20 (twenty) shows which earned her several awards and nominations. The last four works were: "Avesso" with CTI, "A Farra do Boi Bumbá", "Casa Grande e Senzala - Brazilian Musical Manifesto" and Minha alma is nothing after this story "with Os Ciclomaticos Cia de Teatro.

Actor, Director and Assistant Director

Graduated in Social Communication, Business Administration, Performing Arts and with some postgraduate studies in Education. One of the founders and Executive Director of Os Ciclomaticos Cia de Teatro, is an actor, director, sound designer, winner of several national theater awards, performing in all regions of Brazil and abroad (Peru, Germany, France). She is one of the leaders of the Independent Theatrical Community Cultural Movement (CTI), which develops training and promotion through culture in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. As Director, he brings in his resume “Super Coffin or Dream of A Night of Wake”, with The Cyclomatics, his 14-year-old directorial debut. He has extensive experience as Director and Actor Preparer, where he has worked with several theater companies. His last works as Director were “The Jealous of a Pedestrian”, with Cia Atores do Carmo, “The Judge of Peace”, with Fia Cia Theatrical, “Waltz nº 6”, with Cia Circle Theater and “Avesso”, with CTI - Independent Theater Community, in partnership with Ribamar Ribeiro. Also acts as Instructor in Interpretation and Direction courses. He has been a member of the FETAERJ Executive Board for several years, where he held various positions (today, Vice-President). Coordinates important projects developed by FETAERJ, such as the State Theater Festival - Paschoalino Prize, the Fetaerj in Cena Curta among others. He also acts as Curator in Public Procurement and Sworn in Theater Festivals.

Actor, Director, Playwright and Sonoplast

Ribamar Ribeiro is an actor, director, playwright, producer, teacher and sound artist. Has a degree in Visual Arts and is Master in Arts at UERJ. He has written and directed over 50 theatrical performances. He is Artistic Director of Os Ciclomaticos Theater Company and CTI - Independent Theater Community. As an actor he has worked with André Paes Leme, Marília Martins, José da Costa and Nanci de Freitas and Antonio Abujamra. It has more than 50 awards throughout Brazil. Professor at FUNARTE, SENAC Rio and SESC Rio. Taught workshops and lectures at Universities: UNIRIO, UFBA, Rural University and Estácio de Sá; and also in International Festivals: Lima - Peru, France and Germany. In 2006 he directed the musical about samba: "That's It, Irajá!", By Nei Lopes. In 2013 writes and directs "Casa Grande e Senzala - Brazilian Musical Manifesto" winner of the Scenic Assembly Award of the State Government of Rio de Janeiro. In 2015 receives the international award of the International Latin American Theater Festival in Lima Peru as director and playwright for language research. Also participates of the festival Santiago a thousand in the Brazilian Entourage of the Ministry of Culture in Chile.

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